Catastrophe modelling: Quantifying current risk and modelling future risks under a changing climate

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Presentation 1: Natural catastrophe modelling: how data analytics can support communities to understand and manage natural risks (Giacomo Sevieri) 

Global natural disaster losses reached 313 billion USD in 2022, with atmospheric perils, and new extreme weather conditions contributing to the total cost for the society, along with earthquake and flood events. Natural catastrophe (Nat CAT) risk modelling allows communities to better quantify and manage their risks, enabling the design of disaster risk reduction policies and enhancing the community resilience. This talk aims at introducing the main concepts of catastrophe risk modelling, and, through some examples, showing the role of CAT models in the insurance industry and within the broader risk management community. The main limitation of CAT models and challenges for the future will be finally discussed.

Presentation 2: Quantifying Climate Risk: How future climate models help us to prepare for the future (Annemarie Büttner)

Climate change adds another layer of uncertainty and complexity to future risk management. Therefore, it is critical to understand future climate models and develop comprehensive methodologies to quantify the physical impacts of climate change. At Swiss Re, we combine the knowledge of climate scientists with the expertise of risk engineers to harness climate change insights for business and effectively mitigate the risk of natural catastrophes under changing climatic conditions.

About the speakers

Giacomo Sevieri

Giacomo is the head of CAT Analytics at Aon Reinsurance Italy. He has a PhD in Structural & Earthquake Engineering from the University of Pisa (Italy) and TU Braunschweig (Germany), his dissertation proposed an innovative Bayesian framework for the reduction of uncertainties in complex numerical models. He then spent 2 years in academia at the TU Braunschweig and the University College London (UCL) researching on uncertainty quantification and reduction in complex numerical modelling, mainly focusing on hazard and vulnerability modules of catastrophe models. Prior to join Aon he was at Zurich Insurance Group, working as analyst on a broad range of catastrophe modelling related topics.

Annemarie Büttner

Annemarie is the Lead Climate Risk Solutions at Swiss Re Corporate Solutions. In her role, she enables companies to identify, assess, reduce, and report the impacts of climate change to their businesses, by combining latest scientific knowledge with in-depth risk management experience. Before entering the insurance industry, Annemarie gained experience in engineering consulting at Fichtner Consulting Engineers in Mumbai, India. Furthermore, Annemarie worked at Zurich Insurance as Senior Natural Catastrophe Analyst and Junior Risk Modeler managing international natural catastrophe portfolios. More recently, she worked as Climate Risk and Insurance Consultant at a Swiss SME which included the creation of TCFD reports for corporate clients. Annemarie holds a Master's degree in Environmental Engineering (Technical University Munich).


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Event Details

Event Date 18/04/2023 12:30 pm
Event End Date 18/04/2023 2:00 pm