Earthquake Loss Modelling for Disaster Risk Management: Linking Field Missions to Probabilistic Risk Models


Earthquake Loss Models are fundamental for the design and implementation of disaster risk management measures, including retrofitting campaigns, emergency plans or mechanisms to transfer the financial risk to the insurance industry. For this reason, it is fundamental to verify, validate and calibrate probabilistic risk models. This process is often performed using observations from past events and data collected from field missions.

This talk will demonstrate how some of the datasets and models from the Global Earthquake Model (GEM) Foundation might be useful to better prepare for field missions, and conversely, how field observations can be used to improve existing risk models. Some examples covering a recent World Bank project for Türkiye will be presented, as well as findings from a field mission to the 2023 M7.8/M7.5 Kahramanmaraş earthquakes.

About the speakers

Dr Vitor Silva

Vitor is the Head of Risk Engineering at the GEM Foundation. He leads studies in structural vulnerability and probabilistic seismic risk assessment in dozens of countries. His research covers the assessment of earthquake impact at the global scale, incorporation of the temporal component in earthquake risk, and exploration of machine learning technology in the assessment of earthquake hazard, vulnerability and exposure. He has authored more than 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and earned several awards in the earthquake engineering field.

Dr Anirudh Rao

Anirudh is a Senior Seismic Risk Modeller at the GEM Foundation. Anirudh works on building earthquake risk models and on the architecture and testing of OpenQuake. He earned his MS (2010) and PhD (2014) in Structural Engineering, with a special focus on Earthquake Engineering at Stanford University and has led the development and implementation of models for countries such as India, China, Japan, Canada and the United States.


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Further information

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Event Details

Event Date 14/03/2024 12:30 pm
Event End Date 14/03/2024 2:00 pm