Category: Newsletters
Editor: Andreas Nielsen
Library: Online
Year: 2009
N° catalog: Vol 21, No 4
File: Newsletter vol 21 no 4.pdf

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Other contents:

  • Notable Earthquakes: January - June 2009
  • An open letter from Ian G Smith (SECED Chairman) to Andrew Gooding (Director of Engineering Policy & Innovation, ICE) regarding the Service Level Agreement between SECED and ICE.
  • Reviews of Blast Effects on Buildings (ed. David Cormie, Geoff Mays & Peter Smith, Thomas Telford) and Seismic Design of Buildings to Eurocode 8 (ed. Ahmed Y. Elghazouli, Taylor & Francis).
  • A letter by Edmund Booth & Bryan Skipp in response to Stewart Gallocher (SECED Newsletter Vol 21, No 3).
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