Chronological Overview

No. Year Speaker Title
1 1987 Nicholas Ambraseys Engineering Seismology
2 1989 George Housner Coping With Natural Disasters
3 1991 Geoffrey Warburton Reduction of Vibrations
4 1993 Tom Paulay Simplicity and Confidence in Seismic Design
5 1995 Bruce Bolt From Earthquake Acceleration to Seismic Displacement
6 1997 Roy Severn Structural Response Prediction using Experimental Data
7 1999 Cinna Lomnitz The Road to Total Earthquake Safety
8 2001 James Jackson Living With Earthquakes: Know Your Faults
9 2003 Nigel Priestley Revisiting Myths and Fallacies in Earthquake Engineering
10 2005 W.D. Liam Finn A Study of Piles During Earthquakes: Issues of Design and Analysis
11 2007 Robin Spence Saving Lives in Earthquakes: Successes and Failures in Seismic Protection from 1960
12 2009 Roger Bilham The Seismic Future of Cities
13 2011 Lloyd Cluff The Practice of Earthquake Geology: Career-Changing Events and Life Stories
14 2013 Roger Musson A History of British Seismology(1)
15 2015 Sudhir Jain Earthquake Safety in India: Achievements, Challenges and Opportunities
16 2017 Edmund Booth Dealing with Earthquakes: Earthquake Engineering as if People Mattered
17 2022 Julian J. Bommer Earthquake Hazard and Risk Analysis for Natural and Induced Seismicity: Towards Objective Assessments in the Face of Uncertainty(2)
18 2023 Alain Pecker Interrelationships between Practice, Standardisation and Innovation in Geotechnical Earthquake Engineering (1)

(1) A recording of the lecture is also available; see the list of recordings.

(2) A recording of the lecture is available on Youtube at this link