Sellafield site earthquake liquefaction assessment


Nuclear safety-related structures in the UK such as those sited at Sellafield are required to be designed to resist extreme hazards including those associated with a rare 1-in-10,000 year earthquake. The earthquake liquefaction hazard therefore needs to be considered on nuclear sites in the UK. Such a study was carried out for Sellafield in the 1980’s, but Sellafield Ltd considered that a new seismic liquefaction vulnerability assessment for Sellafield needed to be carried out, taking into account the latest developments from technical literature and the significant additional geotechnical and geological information from the large number of new exploratory hole logs that have been constructed since that time. This presentation outlines the methodology utilised in the new study, presents its results and conclusions, and compares them with those of the previous assessments. 

About the Speaker

Angelo Farnetano is a civil engineer chartered both in Italy and in the UK with more than 10 years’ experience in structural and geotechnical design on a variety of different projects including major infrastructure such as dams, tunnels for high speed rail lines, underground stations for metro lines and major nuclear facilities at Sellafield. He has been a member of Sellafield Ltd’s Geotechnical, Seismic and Extreme Hazard team since 2019 as a senior geotechnical engineer providing design capability and expert advice for the facilities being constructed at Sellafield.

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