Liquefaction response of monopile-supported offshore wind structures


This evening meeting will address the earthquake response of offshore wind structures with focus on response of monopile-supported wind turbines in liquefiable soil. The use of SaniSand constitutive model implemented in FLAC3D is presented by verification of the model against centrifuge test data. The model is then used to perform a series of dynamic analyses to highlight the main characteristics of the response. Different combinations of lateral environmental loads together with earthquake shaking are presented. By comparing the results with the case of no environmental loads, it is shown how the permanent tilt induced by the earthquake is affected by the concurrent environmental loads. Application of the model in large subsea structures which are affected only by earthquake shaking and liquefaction is also demonstrated.

About the speaker

Amir Kaynia has more than 30 years of experience in geotechnical, structural and earthquake engineering through research, teaching and engineering practice. His major fields of work include dynamic soil-structure interaction, geotechnical earthquake engineering and vibration from high-speed railways. He received his MSc (1979) and PhD (1982) from MIT and is currently Technical Expert, Vibration and Earthquake Engineering at NGI, and Adjunct Professor of Structural Engineering at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU).

Amir has published more than 190 papers in peer reviewed journals and international conference proceedings, has authored 6 book chapters, and has held numerous keynote lectures worldwide. He has led major international design projects onshore and offshore and has coordinated several research projects funded by the European Commission and the Norwegian Research Council related to offshore wind turbines, earthquake engineering and vibrations from high-speed lines. He is chairman of the Norwegian Earthquake Committee for national provisions in Eurocode 8 and is member of PT4 for revision of Part 5 of Eurocode 8. Amir is member of the Editorial Board of the journals Soil Dynamics & Earthquake Eng. and Transportation Geotechnics.

Further information

This evening meeting will be chaired by Barnali Ghosh (Mott MacDonald). Non-members of the society are welcome to attend. Attendance at the meeting is free. The meeting will take place online via Microsoft Teams*. To join, click on the following button shortly before the meeting is due to start:

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Event Details

Event Date 24/02/2021 6:00 pm