Advancements in the Seismic Risk Assessment of Reinforced Concrete Buildings


Estimating the impact of a potential future seismic event in terms of human and economic loss is a crucial topic for the mitigation of earthquake risk, and is of interest to various stakeholders including insurers/reinsurers, insurance brokers, engineers and governments. Such estimation can be done through rigorous treatment of uncertainty and the consideration of different models within the components of the seismic risk framework. Despite the major advancements in all the technical concepts involved within the seismic risk assessment of concrete buildings, several fallacies and shortcomings still exist.

The aim of this talk is to discuss how it is possible to improve existing seismic risk framework. This is done by proposing new models within the different components of the framework, with particular emphasis on the fragility/vulnerability component. Several combinations of the proposed models are applied to a probabilistic seismic risk assessment case-study to determine their influence on the resultant damage/loss prediction.

About the speaker

Dr Stelios Minas – AIR Worldwide Singapore

Dr Stelios Minas is a Risk Consultant at AIR Worldwide. He is an Earthquake Engineer, member of the EPICentre Group, specializing in seismic vulnerability of reinforced concrete buildings. He received his Bachelors (2011) in Civil Engineering in City University London and his Master (2012) and Doctorate (2019) degrees in Earthquake Engineering in University College London, UK. During his EngD, which was fully sponsored by EPSRC and AIR worldwide, he developed tools for seismic vulnerability assessment, including the simplified analysis tool, FRACAS, and the advanced statistical tool for computing probabilistic seismic response, BEA. Prior to joining AIR Worldwide in his current post in 2019, he had worked in several consultancy projects for The World Bank and the DFID as a seismic vulnerability expert.


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Event Details

Event Date 06/08/2020 1:00 pm
Event End Date 06/08/2020 2:00 pm
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