Conference Chair

Professor Tiziana Rossetto, University College London

Organising Committee

The SECED 2019 Conference is coordinated by the Organising Committee and Outsourced Events. The Organising Committee comprises the following members:

  • Andreas H. Nielsen, Atkins
  • Dr Marianna Ercolino, Greenwich University
  • Dr Sarah Tallett-Williams, Atkins
  • Paul Doyle, Jacobs
  • Dr Stavroula Kontoe, Imperial College London
  • Tim Courtney, Horizon Nuclear Power
  • Dr Ming Tan, Mott MacDonald
  • Dr Barnali Ghosh, Mott MacDonald

Scientific Committee

The Scientific Committee is responsible for the critical review of abstracts and conference papers. The Scientific Committee also supplies chairpersons for the conference sessions.

  • Dr Guillermo Aldama-Bustos, Jacobs
  • Dr Hamid Ahmadi, TARRC
  • Piroozan Aminossehe, Independent Consultant
  • Professor Christopher Browitt, ABConsulting
  • Dave Cotton, Atkins
  • Tim Courtney, Horizon Nuclear Power
  • Dr Flavia De Luca, Bristol University
  • Paul Doyle, Jacobs
  • Professor Ahmed Elghazouli, Imperial College London
  • Richard Fowler, ONR
  • Dr Fabio Freddi, University College London
  • Dr Matthew Free, Arup

Scientific Committee (cont'd)

  • Dr Carmine Galasso, University College London
  • Dr Barnali Ghosh, Mott MacDonald
  • Dr Damian Grant, Arup
  • Dr Maurizio Guadagnini, Sheffield University
  • Dr Iman Hajriasouliha, Sheffield University
  • Dr Colm Jordan, British Geological Survey
  • Dr Jonathan Knappett, Dundee University
  • Dr Stavroula Kontoe, Imperial College London
  • Dr Tristan Lloyd, Ascott
  • Dr Susana Lopez-Querol, University College London
  • Dr Stergios Mitoulis, Surrey University
  • Dr Ricardo Monteiro, Pavia University
  • Andrew Morrison, Thornton Tomasetti
  • Andreas H. Nielsen, Atkins
  • Professor Stravroula Pantazopoulou, York University, Canada
  • Dr Crescenzo Petrone, Willis Re.
  • Dr Susanne Sargeant, British Geological Survey
  • Mark Scorer, Atkins
  • Dr Vitor Silva, Global Earthquake Model
  • Ian G. Smith, Atkins
  • Dr Ming Tan, Mott MacDonald
  • Dr Paul Taylor, Atkins
  • Dr Georgia Thermou, Nottingham University
  • Andrew Thomson, Atkins
  • Professor Thanasssis Triantafillou, Patras University
  • Dr Alice Walker, ABConsulting
  • Dr Sean Wilkinson, Newcastle University