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The low carbon footprint and high structural efficiency of engineered wood materials make tall-timber buildings an attractive option for high-rise construction. However, due to the relatively low mass and stiffness characteristics of timber structures, some concerns have been raised regarding their dynamic response. This paper examines the dynamic behaviour of tall timber buildings under tornado and downburst wind loads. It summarizes the results of extensive response history analyses over a suite of FE structural models subjected to different wind actions and compares them with the ISO10137 comfort criteria. In general, large levels of floor accelerations are observed in particular for stiffer medium-rise structures with significant density of walls. It is shown that downburst loading governs the peak acceleration response of medium-rise buildings whilst tornado loading becomes more critical for taller buildings. The effectiveness of TMDs in reducing peak acceleration values is explored. This study emphasizes the need for further studies on the dynamic behaviour of tall timber buildings.

Tags: SECED 2015  
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