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Disclaimer: The purpose of this forum is to collect comments and suggestions for the upcoming revision of Eurocode 8. SECED does not assume any liability for any posts or comments placed in the forum by its users.

× This sub-forum is dedicated to the chapters of EC 8 Part 1 not relating to design issues for specific materials (i.e. Chapter 1, 2, 3, 4 and 10). Chapters 5 through 9 are covered in the other sub-forum on EC8 Part 1 . These chapters of EC8 are generally applicable to all building design, and are also referred to by non-building parts of EC8.

The forum is open for comment on any aspect of these chapters of EC8. Some potential topics of interest would be:

a) Definition of "low seismicity" and "very low seismicity" (3.2.1)
Are the hazard levels identified for low and very low seismicity appropriate? Are the requirements for low seismicity regions adequate?

b) Performance requirements (Chapter 2)
Are the performance requirements adequate for modern design? Do they meet the needs of all stakeholders (not just engineers)? Do the design rules give designs that would meet the requirements? Are importance factors adequate for reliability differentiation of higher (or lower) consequence buildings? Do the DCL/DCM/DCH distinctions represent a good balance between practical application, cost of resulting designs, and seismic risk?

c) Seismic actions (Chapter 3)
Is the design spectrum given in EC8 the best way to present the seismic action? Are the rules for time-history representation ( sufficient, now that time history analysis is becoming more accessible to engineers (especially for complex structures)?

d) Base isolation (Chapter 10)
At the very least these should be made consistent with Eurocode 8 Part 2 (for bridges). Should we also aim to introduce requirements for supplemental damping (explicitly excluded from the scope of Chapter 10 by cl. 10.1(4))?

Damian Grant

unanswered Symposium on EC8 at the 2015 SECED conference

3 years 4 months ago #56

As part of the 2015 SECED conference , which takes place in June next year in Cambridge, there will be a symposium entitled 'The future development of Eurocode 8'. There is still time to submit an abstract for this symposium, which will consist of six papers being presented during a 2 hour session. The symposium will cover all aspects of how EC8 should develop, not just the non-material topics in Part 1, and all those interested in influencing future versions of the Eurocode are encouraged to contribute.

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