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Safer, More Resilient Communities through Safe and Resilient Schools 23/10/2018 6:00 pm
Seismic Classification of Buildings and Tax Breaks: the 2017 Italian Guidelines 26/09/2018 6:00 pm
Vertical Component of Ground Motion – Is It Important? 30/05/2018 6:00 pm
Seismic Hazard Assessment for Nuclear Facilities 23/05/2018 6:00 pm
Integrating Atomic Observations into Evolutionary Models: a Paradigm Change for (Multi-risk) Exposure and Vulnerability Modelling and Post-event Reconnaissance 25/04/2018 6:30 pm
Annual General Meeting 2018 25/04/2018 6:00 pm
Design of Integral Bridges to Earthquake Loads: Challenges and Opportunities 28/03/2018 6:00 pm
Analysis and Validation of Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor Core Seismic Response Using Non-Linear Time-Domain Methods 28/02/2018 6:00 pm
From Hazard to Loss: Treatment of Uncertainties in the Earthquake Loss Estimation of Building Portfolios 31/01/2018 6:00 pm
New Building Code Provisions for Tsunami Loads and Effects 18/12/2017 12:00 am
Response of Earth Dams to Earthquake Events – Field Data and Numerical Modelling 29/11/2017 6:00 pm
Heavy Machinery Foundation Design Subject to Vibration 07/11/2017 5:30 pm
Impact of Young Engineers in Recent Earthquake Analysis 25/10/2017 12:00 am
Aircraft Impact Analysis on Nuclear Structures: State-of-the-art 27/09/2017 6:00 pm
Seismic Analysis & Design of Structures 12/09/2017 12:00 am
The 16th Mallet-Milne Lecture 24/05/2017 6:00 pm
Seismic Hazard Analysis – Capturing Uncertainty in the Post-Truth Era 26/04/2017 6:30 pm
Base-Isolated Buildings for Controlling Groundborne Vibration: Towards a Performance-Based Design Approach 29/03/2017 6:00 pm
Joint SECED/WES Presentation on Tall Buildings 22/02/2017 6:00 pm
The EEFIT Reconnaissance Mission to Central Italy 08/02/2017 6:00 pm

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Most of our evening meetings are recorded, including the biennial Mallet-Milne Lecture. The recordings are managed by the ICE and are made available for a year after the event. Go to ICE's Event Archive to find recordings of recent SECED events. SECED members (and ICE members) get exclusive early access to recorded lectures for a period of three months after the event. After this period, recordings are made available to all users.


The events archive is not actively maintained. This means that the information provided for each past event may no longer be correct. For example, people may no longer work for the companies to which they were previously affiliated, and hyperlinks may be broken. SECED assumes no responsiblity for the accuracy of any information contained in the events archive. 

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